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Founded in 2013, MWHarris Lighting Studio (mwhls) is an architectural lighting design firm that blends the art of theatrical and architectural lighting design with the science of electrical engineering. We work on projects of all sizes; from small school cafeteria renovations to large hotel or office complexes. Our clients are individuals and companies that truly believe in and understand the design process. We work with teams that evaluate every detail to ensure a level of quality and finish that provides the owner/end user with an extraordinary environment.

Together, we have over 70 years of experience in the design industry.  We work closely with one another and use our diverse educational backgrounds in theater, architecture, and engineering to enhance our designs.  Our goal is to display our passion for light in our work and to add our unique perspective to the design process resulting in a holistic project that the design team can be proud of. 

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office: 609-714-2449 x 101

mobile: 917-825-8291


office: 609-714-2449 x 102

mobile: 609-969-3125



office: 609-714-2449 x 105

mobile: 609-678-6565

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office: 609-714-2449 x 103

mobile: 609-367-4325

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