The AC Hotel in Irvine stayed true to the brand's design objective to reflect its urban surroundings.  With its modern decor and local art work, the design team was able to create a chic experience for the busy traveler.


The lighting objective was to be discrete and minimal.   The light focuses the eyes on the artwork and modern architectural forms while keeping the origin of the light source hidden.

Omni Louisville Hotel was designed to embrace the history of the surrounding Louisville area while blending it with modern amenities.  On top of the typical guestroom and event spaces, you can find restaurants, lounges, and even a speakeasy bowling alley. 


The lighting design celebrates Louisville's history by highlighting authentic objects and materials on display throughout the hotel.  In the speakeasy, the lighting was used to help evoke an emotional response and make you feel as if you were traveling back in time.

The Renissance Dallas Hotel is designed to fit in the with the upscale complex of Legacy West where it resides.  The modern design uses influence from both Asia and Texas, creating a unique stylish experience.


The lighting playfully accentuates forms, textures and colors throughout the hotel.  From highlighting origami longhorns steers in the lobby, to illuminating flight patterns in etched glass behind the reception desks, the lighting compliments this exceptional design narrative.



10  /  08  /  2019

Hilton Boutique Hotel to Open this Fall in Memphis


09  /  11  /  2019

MWHLS to Light New Tribute Hotel


06  /  01  /  2019

MWHarris Lighting Studio turns 6!

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